Book Club Questions (aka, “Reader Discussions”)

Anne enjoys opportunities to meet with book clubs, historical societies, philanthropic organizations, and particularly students who read and discuss her books. She is also open to discussing topics of a more personal nature, like for instance her writing process, what it’s like to edit and publish a novel, or her tussles with disability and chronic pain.

Anne has provided single-page PDF’s of Book Club Questions for each of her novels, to assist in reader discussions; each PDF has 12 (or so) questions that pertain to the works themselves.

*If you would like to download a PDF of Book Club Questions for each of Anne’s novels for your next meeting, please CLICK on the desired book’s button, below.

Here are 5 of Anne’s favorite personal questions folks have asked of her. If you would like the answers to them or have questions of your own, that’s no problem. Just invite Anne to FaceTime with you at your next book club, organization or school event!

Anne’s 5 Favorite Personal Questions Folks Ask of Her:

  • Are your characters ever based on real people? Which ones?
  • Where does inspiration for your ideas come from, and do you ever have “writer’s block”?
  • Is your significant other ever uncomfortable with the sex/romance in your books?
  • Do you start with an outline of the whole book, or how do you organize your plot?
  • Would you compromise your book for a movie? How much are you willing to give up?