Grog Wars, Dos is the stand-alone part-2 of a 2-part epic adventure in historical fiction. It is ten years later, America is rumbling with the onset of Civil War, and Burke Kaufmann’s eldest nephew, August, continues the Kaufmann/Castle Beer story…

Patriarch Burke Kaufmann’s nephew, August, becomes embroiled in a horrible incident when the baby of his young girlfriend is found murdered. August’s father begs Burke to get his son safely out of Portland, and luck shines. The Austrian Prince Maximilian, recently crowned Emperor of Mexico by Napoleon, suddenly finds himself short a master-brewer. August agrees to go, but only to find Kancy’s cowardly brother, Pearl, and punish him for his role in the tragedy.

Max is an emperor without a country; Charlotte is a mother without a child. Both are seduced into making Mexico their family, their hope. When global politics threaten to tear the monarchs and their country apart, will August abandon vengeance to save them?

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