1. Did you find this story historically authentic?
  2. The heroine reinvents herself yet keeps her husband’s family name. Would you change your name? Why?
  3. What would you change about the ending, if anything?
  4. Is the subject of incest too taboo for YA even though the author wrote the story for Young Adults?
  5. The preacher gains instant respectability through his claimed religious position. Have things changed today or do we still blithely trust religious leaders?
  6. Which scene resonated with you the most?
  7. Did you connect with any characters? Who is your favorite and why?
  8. What surprises, if any, did the book hold for you?
  9. Were there any decisions the characters made that you would have done differently?
  10. Does this book remind you of any other books or movies you have seen?
  11. Did this story evoke any strong emotions from you? Which one(s)?
  12. If the author were to write a spin-off sequel, which character would you most like to see continued?